The Torch Academy teaches and empowers the distinctions of leadership, responsibility and ownership, creating trusting and trustworthy relationships and a vision driven life… and that’s just the beginning!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • If I could have a committed group of coaches and teammates to work with me on what is important to me, what area of my life would I look to improve?
  • Would it be time management?
  • Would it be finding balance in life?
  • Between schoolwork, friends, family, hobbies and other activities do you struggle sometimes having it all work?
  • How about improving my relationships with my parents, coach’s, brothers and sisters, friends?
  • Maybe you have lost sight of living with love, joy and abundance.

All of these things are just a small part of what happens in the Torch Academy.

In this powerful workshop you will learn about:

•    Communication styles
•    Goal-setting
•    Trust
•    Working as a team
•    Strategic thinking

All goals are encouraged and we have the student specifically set goals in these categories:


1. Personal goals (goals that matter only to the student)
2. Family Goals/Spiritual Goals
3.School goals
4. Sports and hobbies goals
5. Wild card goals (something that is an unusual stretch for the student)


Our next Torch Academy begins:

December 7-11 & 18, 2016torch-academy-11-ropes-011

  • Wed, Dec. 7th 6pm – approx. 10pm
  • Thur, Dec. 8th 6:30pm- approx. 10:00pm
  • Fri, Dec. 9th 6:30pm – 12 Midnight
  • Sat, Dec. 10th 10am-6pm
  • Sun, Dec. 11th 10am-4pm ( 2 hour,  one-on-one,  goal setting session will be scheduled for the upcoming week)
  • Sun, Dec 18th 8am-5pm High Ropes

The completion is brought home with an all day outdoor adventure –High Ropes team building course held at the Pearl River Hilton in Pearl River, NY.

The 5 day workshop is held in local hotel ballrooms.

Cost: $350.

To register, please email

Since 2007 we have been serving high school students and student athletes from all over Monmouth and Ocean Counties as well as Bergen County and Newark.