Our workshops are designed to combine interactive, experiential exercises, with traditional classroom instruction.  Workshops mostly take place over the weekend to accommodate work and school schedules.


Parent’s Effective Coaching Workshop
Workshops take place Sunday 10am – 4:00pm

During the Effective Coaching workshop, parents will learn:

  • To create a space of openness and honesty by learning how to become “generous listeners”. They will get a better picture of what their children are saying and meaning and their children will feel like they have been heard.
  • The distinctions of coaching, right down to the Webster’s dictionary definition. Through experiential games and exercises, they will practice being an effective coach.

This workshop is designed to have the Parent/Coach become the coach every parent hopes their child gets.

Date and location: TBA


Family Workshop

Friday evening from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Saturday from 10am- 6pm

Sunday from 10am- 6pm.

It is designed for families to improve their communication, enhance understanding, and build effective support for each other.

Children from age 7 and up may attend. In the Family Workshop parents and children learn to respect and support each other.

Date and location: TBA


Abundance and Prosperity Workshop

This fabulous workshop may make the biggest difference in all areas of life. If you have struggled with finances or finding enough time to enjoy all that you have worked for and earned,
then this is for you. In the workshop (Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday) students discover the “underlying beliefs” that they have about wealth and prosperity. Once revealed, the students realize that the only thing stopping them is holding on to beliefs that work against their desire.
From that recognition that Beliefs are not necessarily Facts, they can make new choices that will put them on the path to living with Abundance and Prosperity in all areas of life.

Date and location: TBA


Relationship Workshop(sub sub menu (Weekend Workshops)

* Learn to communicate in a way that turns your problems and issues into opportunities for better connection.

* Fully understand the structure of the ego and what it means to “Be Human” so that you will know how to create the kind of relationship you want.

* Learn what most people do and why it cannot possibly work to solve the relationship problems that arise.

* Gain power over your own mind and ego by strengthening the “Observer Self.”

* Learn an energetic way to evaluate your relationship in 7 domains so as to be able to create a more complete sense of partnership.

Date and location: TBA


Sexuality Workshop (sub sub menu (Weekend Workshops)
It’s not just about SEX!

In this weekend workshop, participants are given the opportunity to explore how human sexuality affects their lives. The choices we make in who we date, what we wear, the car we drive, the shampoo we use, and the places we eat can all be influenced by some sort of sexuality. This is a true discovery workshop where the students see their roadblocks to intimacy
and deeper more fulfilling relationships. And, yes there is some talk of sex.


Parent/Teen Workshop (sub sub menu (Weekend Workshops)
Get on the same page as your teen! As children move into their teen years, they are bombarded with information that often conflicts with what they have been learning at home. Peer pressure, TV, the Internet, not to mention their desire to find their own way and have independence, can create strain on families. This workshop gives parents and teens tools to go to the next level of communication, connect or re-reconnect and increases the commitment to respect each others point of view.